My thoughts about myself

24 Sep

there are a lot of type of girls each girl has her own personality hopes and dreams someone to be dancers someone to be doctors some even want to be president
I believe that God gives each and everyone of us a gift and we all want to be this or that because God put the desire inside of our hearts there are cases where the person finds some other thing that makes them happy as much as the other desires that they have those are lucky
me? I always have been the type of girl that dreams about the same thing and that is how I know that this is what I meant to be this is me yes I have always wanted to be a singer a famous person singers/actress I know how hard it is and I know that 26 is not the best age to start but there was always a problem or something or life holding me back
being on the spotlight is All i ever wanted it’s what truly makes me happy no I am not exceptional I do not have the most amazing voice ever nor the incredible acting skills but I do have the will the drive I can be amazing I just need a chance I need someone to have faith in me and train me and I will do great
I know a lot of people want that and you may ask me why am I any different from them why do I deserve it more the truth I am not different there are a lot of people that want this and dream about this as badly as I do and I do not deserve it more or less than them the truth is that this dream is big but so is the world and the opportunities in it I just want to have the chance to be truly happy before I leave this world and this music movies red carpets people knowing me in screaming my name because I made a difference in their lives this is what I Dream about!

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