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apparently my 3rd university will no longer be tourism, will be marketing! it will help me a lot with everything i wish to do and with all my jobs! just letting you guys know about this change of events! see ya!

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aiming for new horizons !

aiming for new horizons ! that is the thought for today! i am looking forward for new adventures in my life! new experiences! keep them coming! i am exploring everything that i can do and all that i can learn! February may be my month!

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Keeping Up With Me! LOL

Hi guys,

long time no post!

i’ve miss writing here, cause honestly my English is getting a little rusty!

i’ll try to come more often… i know…i say that A LOT right?! hehehehe sorry…is just cause i forget about this blog sometimes, or sometimes i just have nothing to write about.

But not today!!! Today i have news!!

i am going to start on February 4th a new university!! YES, my 3rd University!! i am graduated in Law School, Cooking School and pretty soon …. Tourism School!

Yeah i know….they have nothing in common, but hey, there are a lot of different sides of me!

I’m hoping to perfect my English and start studying real hard my french, so in maybe 3 or 4 years when i have the satisfactory french i can try to learn Spanish.

Well….my Husband is still studying for his exams…the board exam sucks and he still hasn’t been able to pass it…and there are a bunch of other exams that he is studying for so he can get a steady job.

We are also trying to get pregnant! TRUE! we are trying….and trying…and trying…but so far no good…. hoping that will happen at least in the start of this year.

I am also trying to be a tourist guide this year…this is a full year for me…the year i am going to figure stuff out!! it’s about time! I’m trying my best to make it  a good and eventful year!

WELCOME 2013!!!!!!!!!!

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