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i just posted some pictures of me and my husband cause it’s been a while since i’ve posted pictures….well this are brand new!

we are completing in 6 days 2 yeas together…. 9 months dating, 1 year engaged, 6 months living together and 2 months married!

bunch of things happened in such little time…but well… we are still going through a lot!!

life keeps changing and throwing stuff at us and sometimes it is very hard to deal with it all….we’ve been through ups and downs and there are still a lot to come…the truth is that nothing is easy but the pictures i posted are about the times that make all the rest worth it!

I love you my wonderful husband and i am very happy by your side!!!

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Pictures of us





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Never felt so alive and complete like i felt this day!

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just taking it off my chest!!

It seems really easy to write about our lives and what we’ve been doing and how we’be been feeling, but the truth is that this is the hardest thing to do if you really want it to be honest!

I always try to describe how i feel in my lyrics and maybe i describe 50% of stuff and i think that the melody( that they are missing) could say the rest … could reflect the feeling of it!

When i listen to music ( 80% of my day) i often reflect about my own life, because i see my life as a music and some of the songs i hear describe how i feel so right that i feel it crushing my heart and making me want to cry.”look at me, you may think you see who i really am, but you’ll never know me, everyday is as if i play a part, now i see if i wear a mask i can fool the world, but i cannot fool my heart, who is that girl i see staring straight back at me , when will my reflection show who i am inside?”

I have a full life… i have a mother a father and a brother that loves me…i have a loving husband….and i have everything i need…so why do i feel empty most of the time? “i am now in a world where i have to hide my heart and what i believe in, but somehow i will show the world what’s inside my heart and be loved for who i am!”

“Wasnt it beautiful when you believed in everything and everybody believed in you…” and i hear that and i think…my time to make my dream come true and bring joy to my heart has passed…and i feel so helpless It takes my breath away!

I see tv shows that give people the opportunities I’ve always dreamed about and i get tears falling without me even noticing … i want a life away from this country…i want to be recognized for my style and voice and just me! “why is it not my time? what is there more to learn? … yes im grounded, got my wings clipped… someday i’ll fly someday i’ll soar, someday i’ll be so damn much more, cause im bigger than my body gives me credit for”.

“Why is my reflection someone i don’t know? Why must we all conceal what we think how we feel, must there be a secret me im forced to hide?”

So i just get by everyday like this…coming to the office and doing what im told to do and listening to music dreaming i could just be a star!

The most realistic i get is dreaming that the company will send me to NYC for something and i’ll sing somewhere or just be there and a guy will get close and say that i have the face they need or the voice for something and i’ll finally be what i want and i’ll feel COMPLETE!

“Do you even know who you are? im still trying to find! a borrowed dream or a superstar? i want to be a a star!”



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ohh yeahhh this new theme is in halloweens honor LOL nice huh!!

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Heyyyyyyyyyyy u guys!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time again…sorry bout that, its just that i have no time at all these days! but im gonna try to update u….welllllllllll….i got married!! yeah yeah to that same guy from the last post…we are gonna be 2 months married this months 19th….. im working in a group of companies…..from 8am to 18pm…. hummm let me see…..what else…. thats about it…ill think of something else to post it here another day….TTYL gotta work! xD 

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