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Caught thinking

you must be thinking that I get myself in this state of reflection too often and figure out that I never stop thinking and worrying about my life and my Plans for my future! Well if you’ve been reading this blog you know that mine are unusual dreams and plans and really hard to achieve so give me a break will ya?! It’s really hard for me not to worry… So if every post of mine is a ” caught thinking” is cause I do that a lot! And you are getting to know the real me! Cause it fills my soul when I hear songs about flying away and being bigger then I am and making my dreams come true! It makes me lose my breath and l fill me with such a deep emotion that I feel the tears trying to roll down my eyes! It’s such a thrill the whole experience and the pain that comes with it it’s part of something bigger so I have to hold on ! You can see that I don’t make much sense when I talk about that right?! Lol adrenalin rushing through me it’s so intense that I get my feet off the floor! I can’t wait to be everything I ever dreamed!!

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Been stuck with stuff in my head a lot about that doubt I wrote on the previous post… My life is spinning and I feel like I’ve stopped… I have no idea what comes next and that is really scarry …. Plus I do have stuff going on but are things that just mess it up a bit more my current situation so I’m inclined to stop thinking about everything else and just go on doing what I think is ok without considering the future since I have nothing figured out!!

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quickpress….not finished yet

So I’m at my uncles house for new years and on exactly midnight the power goes off in the building! And me, symbolic like I am… I start thinking bout the year that is approaching and the possibilities and I define the power going down as my thought of how this year is going to be… Im starting this year in the dark!Graduated, full of uncertainty and doubts about my future and how I’m going to try to figure it all out since I’m going for new experiences and things I fear in order to become the person I want to be!

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