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Hi Everyone!
as you may have noticed it’s been quite sometime since i last posted something…
so im here basically to give you guys an update to what’s been going on in my life…
and apologize for being away for so long!
i got the 2 almost 3 weeks of exams in my university and that takes me to a dark place! LoL
besides that i’ve been living my life trying to be in touch with my friends…it’s something i really wanted to do this year and im trying to make it work cause it is different groups of friends and it’s hard to give the attention to everyone at the same time so im taking turns!
but i think im doing good with the taking turns between friends thing….
now as you know it’s politic’s time of the year….. and i joined a group of people that are going to make a campaign for the conscious vote! you can vote in whoever you want as long as you are sure of your vote and know well you candidate and stand your ground for why are you voting for him! we gotta look inside ourselves and make sure we are doing the right thing for us and our state!
so…. political consciousness people!!!!
im gonna try to keep updating the blog dont worry…but if i take too long go to my twitter @MirellaLippi and see the news…. 😉

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