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current event

well as many of you that follow me on twitter know

i was in a movie critic course with a great movie critic called Pablo Villa├ža

i was a great week this one

and we ended the course this friday, got our certificates and went to a themed bar we have here

called “the godfather”

it was really cool

some interesting conversations and a lot to laugh about

im gonna be practicing in here as soon as i can my critic skills….or the lack of it…lol

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one of my songs

i know you love me

i know you do

is just hard sometimes

seems like im through

cause the hugs are warm

and the kiss is great

but there are some words

that just feels like hate

so we stand in here

we dont know the truth

if we stay together

or what else we do

nothing can describe

how empty i get

when you are not around

things that werent said

how can i go on?

and what the hell will i do?

should i quit on this?

or should i be with you?

how can i go on?

you stay strong alone

have i stayed too long?

i think i should be gone!

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