Insightful day

25 Jan

just wrote that on my twitter….that i was having an insightful day today….and its true…

i was thinking about all the important things that i’m going through and the people who stand by me and the ones who say they love me and don’t even know the things i’m going through!

the way we should treat people and how we are gonna miss them when they are not around anymore and even though we know that sometimes we don’t appreciate them like we should and give the attention to those who are not as crucial in our lives like the other who we ignore or give less importance because we know that that person is gonna be with us no matter what….now…shouldn’t this go differently?

shouldn’t we give the right attention to those who gives us the importance and not give the importance to those who doesn’t give us the attention?

that’s not what happens! we spend so much time trying to please people that don’t have the minimum effort to get to know us properly that we forget or under appreciate the ones  who have been there to us all along.

try to think about every time you felt ignored or forgotten by the people you care the most…and by that time…try to think about the people who might be counting on you or needing you and you just didn’t pay attention to them…and you will see how they feel just like you and that you are giving the importance to the wrong people!

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